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The Presidio - so close you can smell it

For 218 years, the Presidio served as an army post for three nations. World and local events, from military campaigns to World Fairs and earthquakes, left their mark. Come enjoy the history and the natural beauty of the Presidio. Explore centuries of architecture. Reflect in a national cemetery. Walk along an historic airfield, through forests or to beaches, and admire spectacular vistas.

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Local, Chic-friendly restaurants

On nearby Sacramento street, you'll find a slew of romantic and upscale restaurants.

In the other direction, on Clement Street, you can find Mexican, Russian, French and Italian restaurants with ease, not to mention a plethora of establishments serving food from every corner of Asia.

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Get your Shop on and then come to rest

Sacramento Street Shopping
Epicenter: Sacramento and Presidio, San Francisco CA Sacramento Street shopping is on the cusp between Pacific Heights and Presidio Heights in a quiet residential neighborhood. The main features are the interior decor shops and high-end, but fun, clothing boutiques.

Westfield San Francisco Centre Epicenter: Market and Powell, San Francisco CA

For San Francisco visitors and tourists, the opulent Westfield San Francisco Centre mall and its surrounding downtown San Francisco shopping environs (Union Square is just a few blocks away) epitomize the San Francisco shopping experience.

Union Square Shopping
Epicenter: Post and Stockton, San Francisco CA A lone Corinthian column surrounded by newly installed palm trees marks San Francisco's Mecca for shopaholics. Ringed by Macy's, Saks, Neiman Marcus and Levi's stores along with colorful flower stands and street performers.

Chestnut Street Shopping
Epicenter: Chestnut and Scott, San Francisco CA Chestnut is a street lined with a mix of sophisticated shops, beauty outlets and restaurants alongside brand name retailers.

Fillmore Street Shopping
Epicenter: Fillmore and California, San Francisco CA On Fillmore Street, it's easy to feel pampered with several well-known beauty retailers and ritzy interior design boutiques fresh out of New York.

Haight Street Shopping
Epicenter: Haight and Ashbury, San Francisco CA The stretch of shops, referred to by San Francisco locals as the Upper Haight, was the center of '60s psychedelia. Despite gentrification and the proliferation of stores like Ben & Jerry's and The Gap, it still retains its hippie counterculture credentials, and is dotted with Victorian houses, anarchist bookstores, piercing salons and funky clothing shops.

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Day trips to put on your Facebook profile

The Presidio golf course right across the street. The Richmond area retains a neighborhood feel along its main shopping streets. Step outside the studio and you have great adventures waiting for you in any direction.
Lincoln Park: Most people know Lincoln Park for two things: The Palace of the Legion of Honor and the golf course. Fewer know about the park's easy access to Land's End and a portion of the Coastal Trail that runs about six miles along the bluff above the sea, from Baker Beach to Ocean Beach. Walkers along this path will be treated with incredible views. 

Golden Gate Park:
The California Academy of Sciences Its fantastic, you have to go.
You simply must rent a boat in Stow Lake or explore the park by bike. Stow Lake Bike & Boat Rentals, 50 Stow Lake Dr.
M.H. de Young Museum.